Fila Skates FP Protection Gear Women - Silver/Black/Mag

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FILA Skates FP Protection Gear for Women in Silver/Black/Mag is designed with a priority on protection to ensure the safety of all skaters. Here are the key features that make these accessories stand out:

Priority on Protection: FILA Skates FP protection accessories prioritize the safety of all skaters, emphasizing the importance of wearing wrist, elbow, and knee protection. They are designed to reduce the risk of injuries during skating activities.

Asymmetrical ABS Shells: The ABS shells used in these protection accessories are developed by FILA Skates and are designed to mimic the asymmetrical shape of joints. This provides optimal coverage and protection, ensuring that vulnerable areas are well protected during falls or collisions.

Ventilation Holes: The accessories feature ventilation holes in the ABS shells, strategically placed to promote airflow. This helps in dissipating heat and moisture, enhancing comfort during intense skating sessions and preventing excessive sweating.

Impact Protection: The ABS shells are designed to withstand impacts, offering reliable protection against potential injuries. They provide a strong barrier that absorbs and distributes the force of impacts, minimizing the risk of harm to the joints.

Comfortable Fabric Structure: The protection accessories utilize a comfortable and snug-fitting fabric structure. This ensures a pleasant wearing experience, reducing discomfort and irritation that may occur during prolonged use. The accessories are designed to fit well and provide ample mobility while still offering the necessary protection.

Secure Fit with Elastic Velcro Straps and Rear Elastic Sock: To ensure a secure fit, the accessories are equipped with elastic Velcro straps and a rear elastic sock. These features allow for easy adjustment and customization, ensuring that the protection gear stays in place during skating. They provide a secure and comfortable fit, allowing skaters to focus on their performance.

FILA Skates FP Protection Gear for Women is designed with these features to enhance joint protection, prioritize comfort, and ensure a secure and adjustable fit for all skaters. By wearing these accessories, skaters can enjoy their sport with added peace of mind, knowing that they have taken important steps to protect themselves from potential injuries.

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