Fila Skates Fitness LED Helmet

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The Fila Skates Fitness LED Helmet is a lightweight and versatile option that provides optimal protection and stability. With its in-mould construction, adjustable fit, ventilation, and rear LEDs, it offers a combination of safety, comfort, and visibility to keep you protected during your fitness activities on wheels.

The Fila Skates Fitness LED Helmet is designed to prioritize safety for your fitness activities on wheels. Here are its key features:

In-Mould Technology: The helmet is made using in-mould technology, which ensures it is lightweight while providing a high level of stability and protection. In this process, EPS foam is injected directly into the polycarbonate shell of the helmet in a single operation. This prevents the shell from detaching from the foam liner and improves the transfer of impact force to the insert.

EPS Foam: The helmet utilizes EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) foam, which is known for its excellent impact absorption properties. This foam liner provides an additional layer of protection and enhances the helmet's overall safety.

Ventilation: The helmet features numerous air intakes, ensuring excellent ventilation during your fitness activities. Proper airflow helps keep you cool and comfortable while reducing sweat accumulation.

Adjustable Fit: The helmet is adjustable to ensure a secure and personalized fit. It comes with a size adjustment system that allows you to customize the helmet's circumference according to your head size. The available sizes are S-M (54-58 cm) and M-L (58-61 cm).

Rear LEDs: The helmet is equipped with rear LEDs that offer enhanced visibility and safety. The LEDs can be adjusted to three different flashing levels, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preference and enhances your visibility to others on the road.

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