Apus Sports Med Ball - 7 KG

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Apus Sports Medicine Balls are designed to enhance your dynamic training sessions with their unique features and durable construction. These medicine balls feature a varied surface with a special concave texture, resembling a honeycomb pattern. This texture provides an improved gripping action, allowing you to securely throw and catch the ball during your workouts.


  1. Enhanced Grip: The concave texture on the surface of the medicine balls offers an improved gripping action. This helps ensure a secure hold on the ball, even during intense and dynamic movements. The enhanced grip allows for better control and accuracy in your exercises.

  2. Clear Weight Markings: Each Apus Sports Medicine Ball is marked with its corresponding weight. The weight markings are consistent with the color codes commonly used for free weights, making it easy for you to quickly identify the appropriate medicine ball for your workout. This simplifies the process of selecting the right weight and helps maintain a smooth training flow.

  3. Premium Quality Rubber: The medicine balls are made of premium quality rubber, ensuring their longevity and resistance to damage. This high-quality construction enables them to withstand the demands of vigorous workouts and repetitive impacts without losing their shape or integrity. The durable rubber material provides reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Apus Sports Medicine Balls are a versatile tool for various training routines, including strength training, functional fitness, and rehabilitation exercises. With their textured surface, clear weight markings, and premium quality rubber construction, these medicine balls offer a reliable and effective training experience. Incorporate them into your workouts to improve your strength, power, coordination, and overall fitness level.

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