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The All-New AbsBench X3™ - The Ultimate Abdominal Bench

The AbsBench X3™ represents a groundbreaking innovation in abdominal fitness. This versatile bench offers a dual-pivot design that effectively functions as three benches in one, making it the most effective and versatile AbsBench ever created. Here are the remarkable features:

  • Dual-Pivot Design: The AbsBench X3™ boasts a dual-pivot design that serves as three benches in one, allowing users to target different areas of their abdominal muscles. This design provides versatility, enabling a comprehensive abdominal workout.

  • Integrated Weight Horns: This commercial-quality abdominal bench features integrated weight horns on both the upper and lower sections, offering users the ability to add and adjust resistance levels for forward and reverse crunch movements. This added resistance intensifies the workout and allows for progressive training.

  • Variable Resistance: Users can incorporate weight plates, with the capacity to add up to four 5lb or 10lb plates per post. This feature provides a wide range of resistance options, from 12-52 lbs for the top and 13-52 lbs for the bottom.

  • Olympic Weight Plate Capacity: The AbsBench X3™ can accommodate Olympic weight plates, with a capacity of 40 lbs on both the top and bottom sections.

  • New Linkage System: The AbsBench X3™ incorporates a new linkage system for easier assembly and enhanced durability. This ensures long-lasting performance and stability.

  • Overhead Handles: The bench features overhead handles that can be used to increase the intensity of your workouts, offering multiple grip options for different exercises.

  • Independent Forward Reverse Crunch Design: The AbsBench X3™ allows users to isolate and target specific abdominal muscle groups by performing independent forward and reverse crunch movements.

  • Complete Ab Workout: This innovative bench provides a complete ab workout by engaging both the upper and lower abdominal muscles simultaneously.

  • Dimensions: The AbsBench X3™ has dimensions of 82″ (208 cm) in length, 36″ (91 cm) in width, and 41″ (104 cm) in height. It has a weight of 175 lbs (80 kg).

The All-New AbsBench X3™ is a revolutionary abdominal bench that offers versatility, adjustable resistance, and a comprehensive ab workout. Its dual-pivot design and integrated weight horns make it an exceptional choice for those seeking to strengthen and tone their core muscles effectively.

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