1441 Fitness Super Adjustable Flat / Incline Bench

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The 1441 Fitness Super Adjustable Flat / Incline Bench - 41FF39 

is a versatile workout bench designed for commercial use and is commonly found in clubs and hotels worldwide. It offers various features to enhance your workout experience. Here are the details:


  1. Commercial-Quality Construction: The Super Bench is built to withstand heavy use and maintain its stability. It is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

  2. Adjustable Positions: The bench offers 7 adjustable positions, allowing you to choose the desired angle for your exercises. It adjusts from 90 degrees upright to flat and offers 5 positions in between, providing versatility for a wide range of exercises.

  3. Separate Seat and Back Adjustments: The bench allows for separate seat and back adjustments, providing customized comfort and support. You can set the bench to your preferred position for different exercises or individual preferences.

  4. High-Density Foam Padding: The bench features high-density foam padding on the seat and backrest, ensuring comfort and support during your workouts. The padding helps reduce discomfort and strain while maintaining proper form.

  5. Integrated Transport Wheels and Handle: To enhance portability and convenience, the Super Bench is equipped with integrated transport wheels and a handle. This allows you to easily move and store the bench without much effort.


  • Weight: The bench weighs approximately 38 kg, providing stability and resistance to heavy loads during exercises.

  • Dimensions: The bench has a dimension of 1384 x 660 x 460 mm, offering sufficient space for various workout routines. It provides a comfortable and stable platform for your exercises.

Overall, the Super Bench offers a commercial-quality workout experience with its adjustable positions, separate seat and back adjustments, high-density foam padding, and easy transportability. Whether used alone or in combination with other strength equipment, it provides a stable and versatile platform for your fitness routine.

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