Vector Reflect Football - Size 5

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The Vector X Reflect Football (Size 5) is a high-quality soccer ball designed to enhance your playing experience with its functional and stylish features. Here are the key features and specifications of this football:

  • Size: Size 5, which is the standard size for footballs used in matches and games.

  • Material: Made from durable PU (Polyurethane) material, ensuring the ball's sturdiness and ability to withstand regular use and rough play.

  • Stitching Type: Features bonded stitch-less stitching, adding to the ball's durability and ensuring it maintains its shape and performance during intense training sessions and matches.

  • Water Resistant: The ball is water-resistant, allowing it to maintain its quality and performance even in wet conditions.

  • Country Of Origin: Manufactured in India.

  • Needle Included: The ball does not include a needle for inflation.

  • Number of Panels: Constructed with 32 panels.

  • Color: White-Green color combination, providing a stylish and attractive appearance.

  • Weight: The ball weighs approximately 350 grams.

The Vector X Reflect Football (Size 5) is a reliable choice for football enthusiasts and players looking for a durable and stylish ball for their training and recreational games. Its use of PU material, bonded stitch-less stitching, and water-resistant properties make it suitable for various playing conditions, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable playing experience. Whether you're practicing or competing in matches, this football is designed to meet the demands of the game.

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