TRX Conditioning Rope 1.5 X 50'

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TRX Battle Ropes are the ultimate workout tool for a full-body, cardio-pumping, and endurance-challenging exercise routine. Whether you're into slams, waves, jacks, throws, or pulls, these ropes have got you covered. Here are the details:

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Available Lengths: 30 FT and 50 FT
  • Construction: Durable, heavy-duty construction to avoid fraying or breaking
  • Grips: Comfortable rubber grips to avoid slipping during intense workouts
  • Anchor Requirement: Must be anchored to a sturdy, round surface like a pole or a tree

Perfect for High-Intensity, Metabolic Workouts: The TRX Conditioning Rope is designed to increase power, blast fat, and build core and upper body strength in high-intensity, metabolic workouts.

Full Body Workout: Get a complete full-body workout with cardio-pumping and core-engaging exercises like slams, waves, jacks, throws, and pulls that work your entire body.

Comfortable and Durable: The comfortable rubber grips ensure you have a secure hold no matter how hard you sweat. The heavy-duty, tightly braided construction won't fray or break, providing long-lasting durability.

Available in 2 Lengths: Choose the length that suits your workout space. The TRX Conditioning Rope is available in 30-Inch or 50-Inch lengths, with a consistent 1.5-inch diameter. Ensure it's anchored to a smooth, round surface for safe and effective use.

The TRX Manifesto: TRX is a leader in functional training, dedicated to empowering you on your journey to improvement. They provide top-quality training equipment, workout programs, and educational courses to help you reach your fitness goals and become a better version of yourself.

Get ready to swing into action and transform your fitness routine with TRX Battle Ropes.

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