T-Bar Row Handle Bar Attachment with Rubber Grip


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Our all-black, sleekly designed Single Handle attachment is designed to fit into a 2” barbell and provides a comfortable way to build muscle fast. The wide grip handle will help deter bad technique and potential injury with ergonomics in mind. This attachment can absorb the impact of the barbell on the floor and provides users with a comfortable experience when reducing or increasing weight. The lightweight frame makes it easier to store in confined spaces to reduce clutter. Simply slide the barbell onto the handle and enjoy. We believe in quality stretching time before use.

  • Durable, resistant metal frame construction - This T bar row handle attachment is crafted with an all-steel alloy and finished with a powder-coated layer. This helps protect the product with integrity. Maximum weight capacity of 180 pounds.
  • Wide space single handle - Single handle attachment has tubular styled grip sleeves made from rubber with a texture that ensures a firm hold on the bar. This will help prevent your hands from slipping.
  • Designed to fit any 2” Olympic barbell - Inserts into standard 2” barbells before placing weights. Adds flexibility to your routine and drives the development of new workouts.
  • This press attachment can be used for squats, overhead press, lunges and other exercises with relative ease. Active working muscle groups - latissimus dorsi, teres major, infraspinatus, rhomboids, trapezius (middle portion), and forearm flexors.

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