ShakeSphere Magnetic Pill Storage - 1 Unit

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The ShakeSphere Magnetic Pill Storage offers a revolutionary design that moves away from traditional plastic storage solutions. Here are the key features of the ShakeSphere Magnetic Pill Storage:

  1. Innovative Design: The Magnetic Pill Storage features a unique and modern design that sets it apart from traditional plastic storage containers. It offers a sleek and functional solution for storing pills.

  2. Powerful Magnet: The storage units are equipped with a powerful magnet that snaps two units together securely. This ensures that the storage units stay attached, providing added convenience and portability.

  3. Easy Access: The Magnetic Pill Storage features a click button that allows you to access the 7 chambers effortlessly. Simply press the button to unlock the upper disc and gain access to your pills. Press the button again to lock the upper disc in place.

  4. Removable Upper Disc: The upper disc of the storage unit can be easily removed for loading pills. This makes it convenient to refill the chambers with your desired pills.

  5. Ample Storage Capacity: Each chamber of the Magnetic Pill Storage can hold 10-15 pills, depending on their size. This provides ample space for storing a variety of pills and supplements.

Upgrade your pill storage with the ShakeSphere Magnetic Pill Storage, a sleek and functional solution that offers easy access to your pills and a powerful magnet to keep the storage units together. With its innovative design and practical features, it is the perfect companion for individuals leading a fast-paced and healthy lifestyle.

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