Precise Elegant Bulldog Carrom Board - 24 mm

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The Precise Elegant Bulldog Carrom Board, with a thickness of 24 mm, exemplifies the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship, making it the preferred choice for professional tournaments, clubs, schools, and enthusiasts alike. Here are the key features of this premium carrom board:

  • Elegant Class of Quality: Crafted from Original Birch A Grade plywood, the top playing surface of the Bulldog Carrom Board is free from joints and marks, ensuring a flawless and consistent playing experience. Its superior quality sets it apart as an elite choice among carrom enthusiasts.

  • International Tournament Standard: The Precise Elegant model was the first carrom board selected for use outside India in international tournaments, highlighting its recognition and acceptance on the global stage. Approved by both the All India Carrom Federation and the International Carrom Federation, it meets the highest standards of gameplay.

  • Super Satin Smooth Surface: Renowned for its super satin smooth tournament playing surface, the Bulldog Carrom Board delivers exceptional glide and precision, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Its consistent and reliable quality ensures longevity, allowing multiple generations to enjoy the game on the same board.

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various settings, including tournaments, clubs, schools, colleges, societies, offices, recreation centers, and homes, the Bulldog Carrom Board caters to players of all levels. Whether for professional competitions or casual play, it offers unmatched performance and durability.

  • Robust Construction: The carrom board features a sturdy frame measuring 4x2 inches, providing stability and support during intense gameplay. With a thickness of 24 mm, it offers enhanced durability and resilience, making it capable of withstanding rigorous use over time.


  • Frame Size: 4x2 inches
  • Thickness: 24 mm
  • Playing Surface: 29x29 inches

Overall, the Precise Elegant Bulldog Carrom Board sets the standard for excellence in carrom gameplay. With its premium quality construction, super satin smooth surface, and international recognition, it remains the preferred choice for discerning players seeking uncompromising performance and longevity.

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