Precise Carrom Tournament Coins

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The Precise Carrom Tournament Coins are specifically crafted for use on club-class carrom boards and by carrom players who prefer a heavier weight for enhanced control and precision. Specially designed for used in club class carrom boards/ carrom players. Thickness of carrommen is 9 mm and is little heavy weight for club class players/ heavy carrom boards. Total 24 carrommen. Here are the key features of these tournament coins:

  • Designed for Club-Class Carrom Boards: These coins are meticulously designed to meet the requirements of club-class carrom boards, ensuring optimal performance and gameplay experience. They are suitable for use in clubs, recreational centers, and other community settings.

  • Optimal Thickness and Weight: The carrommen have a thickness of 9 mm, providing a sturdy and durable construction that enhances their longevity and resilience. Additionally, they are slightly heavier compared to standard coins, offering better stability and control during gameplay, particularly on heavy carrom boards.

  • Ideal for Club Players: Whether you're a regular player at a club or prefer playing on heavy carrom boards, these tournament coins are tailored to meet your needs. Their thickness and weight make them suitable for players who seek a more substantial feel and improved maneuverability on the board.

  • Enhanced Control and Precision: The heavier weight of these coins contributes to better control and precision during shots, allowing players to execute their moves with greater accuracy and confidence. This feature is particularly beneficial for club-level players looking to elevate their gameplay.

Overall, the Precise Carrom Tournament Coins offer a reliable and performance-oriented option for club-class carrom boards and players seeking enhanced control and precision in their gameplay. With their optimal thickness and weight, they cater to the preferences of club-level enthusiasts, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive playing experience.

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