O'Live Loops XL Mini Resistance Bands

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Size: Light
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The O'LIVE Loops XL are the perfect fitness accessory for short and controlled movements. Designed to comfortably fit both the upper and lower body, these versatile loops enable users to target and strengthen a variety of muscle groups, including the hips, legs, arms, and back. Made in Spain.


  • Versatile Fitness Tool: Ideal for short and limited-range movements, making them perfect for targeted muscle training.

  • Upper and Lower Body Use: The loops can be used on both the upper and lower body for a full-body workout experience.

  • Four Intensity Levels: Available in four intensity levels to accommodate various fitness levels: Light (Yellow), Medium (Green), Strong (Red), and Extra Strong (Blue).

  • Varied Dimensions: Different sizes available to cater to different workout needs: 13 x 280 mm, 24 x 280 mm, 30 x 280 mm, and 50 x 280 mm.

  • Color-Coded for Convenience: Each loop is color-coded for easy identification of its intensity level.


  • Ref. Code: EL14301 (Light), EL14302 (Medium), EL14303 (Strong), EL14304 (Extra Strong)

  • Intensity Levels: Light (Yellow), Medium (Green), Strong (Red), Extra Strong (Blue)

  • Color Coding: Each loop is color-coded for quick recognition of its resistance level.

  • Dimensions: Various dimensions available to suit your workout preferences.

Enhance your fitness routine with the O'LIVE Loops XL. Whether you're looking to strengthen your hips, legs, arms, or back, these loops offer the versatility and resistance levels you need to achieve your fitness goals. Get started on your journey to a stronger and healthier you with O'LIVE Loops XL today!

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