O'Live Fitness Pro-Style Single Dumbbell - 5 kg

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The O'LIVE Pro-Style Dumbbells are a significant upgrade in terms of quality and design, providing an excellent experience for strength training.  Made in Spain. Sold Individually. Here's a breakdown of their key features and improvements:

Enhanced Design:

  • Anti-Roll Design: These new Pro-Style dumbbells are designed to prevent them from rolling on the ground. This anti-roll feature enhances safety and convenience during your workouts, as you won't have to chase rolling dumbbells around.

  • Steel Construction: Unlike their predecessors that were made from cast material, the new Pro-Style Dumbbells are constructed from steel. This upgrade results in a more compact and well-balanced design, making them easier to handle during exercises.

  • Durable Weight Head Union: The connection between the weight heads is more robust and reliable, ensuring that they remain securely attached. This enhanced durability prevents possible detachments during your workouts.

High-Quality Virgin Rubber Coating:

  • Improved Durability: The Pro-Style Dumbbells are coated with high-quality virgin rubber, enhancing their durability. This rubber coating also offers noise reduction benefits during workouts and is free from unpleasant odors.

  • Aesthetic Appeal and Comfort: The rubber coating provides a sleek and appealing appearance to the dumbbells, and it also offers a pleasant and comfortable grip for users.

  • Oversized Weight Identification: The weight labels are oversized and feature different colors. This makes it easy to identify the weight of each dumbbell quickly, even from a distance. It simplifies your workout routine by saving time.

  • Handle with Chrome Treatment: The handle is treated with a soft, yet secure hard chrome finish. This treatment not only adds to the durability but also ensures that you have a comfortable and safe grip while performing exercises.

The O'LIVE Pro-Style Dumbbells are available for individual purchase and are designed to offer a higher level of quality and performance, making them ideal for both home and commercial gym settings. These upgrades make them an excellent choice for those who seek reliable and efficient dumbbells for their strength training needs.

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