O'Live Fitness Competition Bumper Plate - 25 kg

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The O'Live Competition Bumper Plates are designed to enhance performance and offer several advantages compared to standard bumper plates. Made in Spain. Sold individually. Here are the key features and benefits of these competition bumper plates:

  • Performance Enhancement: These plates are specifically engineered to improve performance during weightlifting and strength training exercises.

  • IWF Standard Diameter: The plates have a standard diameter of 450mm, meeting the specifications set by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). This ensures consistency in size, making them suitable for competitive weightlifting.

  • Minimal Surface Imperfections: O'Live Competition Bumper Plates are manufactured with a focus on quality, resulting in minimal surface imperfections. This ensures a smooth and consistent finish.

  • Steel Core Reinforcement: These plates feature a steel core reinforcement. This reinforcement enhances their durability and compactness. The use of steel in the core allows for a more robust design.

  • Increased Plate Capacity: Due to their compact design and steel core, these plates can fit more snugly onto the barbell. This feature is especially beneficial when you need to load a significant amount of weight onto the bar.

  • Quality Colored Virgin Rubber: The plates are constructed using high-quality colored virgin rubber. This not only allows for easy identification of the weight but also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the plates.

  • Minimal Bounce: The enhanced hardness of the rubber provides minimal bounce when the plates are dropped. This is crucial for weightlifting exercises and safety in the gym.

  • Sold Individually: These plates are sold as individual units, allowing you to select the specific weight increments you need for your training.

Overall, the O'Live Competition Bumper Plates are designed to meet the standards and requirements of competitive weightlifting while offering the durability and performance enhancements required for intense strength training workouts.

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