Nivia Dominator 3.0 Football - Size 5


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Sale price12.000 KD


The Nivia Dominator 3.0 Football is a high-quality football designed for exceptional performance on the field. Here are the key specifications:

Outer Material: The football is constructed with a water-resistant PU (Polyurethane) outer material. This ensures durability and resistance to water absorption, allowing the ball to maintain its shape and performance even in wet conditions.

Core Material: The core of the football is made of PU, providing a balanced combination of responsiveness and soft touch. The PU core contributes to the ball's flight stability and consistent bounce, enhancing the overall playing experience.

Weight: Weighing between 420-445 grams, this football offers a standard weight that is suitable for both training and matches. The weight allows for precise passes, shots, and control during gameplay.

The Nivia Dominator 3.0 Football with its water-resistant PU outer material, PU core, and optimal weight offers durability and excellent performance on the field. Whether for training sessions or official matches, this football provides reliable flight, grip, and control for players.

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