Nivia Ashtang 8521 Football - Size 5

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The Nivia Ashtang 8521 Football is a high-quality football designed for professional play. It offers exceptional performance and durability with the following features:

Size: The football is a size 5, which is the standard size for professional matches.

Construction: It features an 8-panel stitched design, providing stability and precise flight characteristics.

Outer Layer: The top layer is made of PU (Polyurethane) microfiber, which enhances the ball's durability and touch.

Mid Layer: The latex bonded fabric lamination in the mid layer adds structure and durability to the football.

Core: The football has a latex bladder core, ensuring excellent air retention and optimal bounce.

Suitable for All Surfaces: It is suitable for various playing surfaces, including soft and wet ground, hard ground with grass, and artificial turf.

Water Resistance: The water-resistant material used in the construction of the football prevents water retention on wet surfaces.

FIFA Quality Pro International Match ball: The Nivia Ashtang 8521 Football meets the standards set by FIFA for quality and performance in international matches.

Head Soft and Optimized Durability: The football is designed to provide a soft feel when headed while maintaining exceptional durability.

High Bounce and Shape Retention: It offers a high bounce compared to other footballs and maintains its shape well over time.

With its premium construction, FIFA Quality Pro certification, and suitability for various playing surfaces, the Nivia Ashtang 8521 Football is a top choice for professional matches. Its durability, water resistance, and excellent performance make it an ideal companion for players at all levels.

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