Molten V5M5000 Volleyball - Size 5

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The Molten V5M5000 Volleyball is a high-quality volleyball designed for indoor use and approved by FIVB (International Volleyball Federation). It features the following specifications:

  • Size: 5 (official size for indoor volleyball)

  • FLISTATEC® Flight Stability Technology: This technology ensures stable flight and improved control during play.

  • Premium micro-fiber composite cover: The cover is made of a high-quality micro-fiber composite material, providing durability and a soft touch.

  • Nylon wound: The volleyball is constructed with a nylon wound design, enhancing its durability and shape retention.

  • Red / Green color: The V5M5000 Volleyball is designed with a red and green color scheme.

The Molten V5M5000 Volleyball is a top choice for professional and competitive volleyball players, offering excellent flight stability, durability, and performance on indoor courts.

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