Molten BGG6X Basketball - Size 6

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The Molten BGG6X Basketball is a top-quality basketball designed for competitive play. Here are the features and specifications of this basketball:

Basketball Features:

  • Number of Panels: The basketball is constructed with 12 panels, which provide a consistent and balanced flight trajectory.

  • Cover Material: It is made from premium composite leather, which offers a combination of durability, grip, and performance. The innovative surface design enhances ball control and handling.

  • Bladder: The basketball is equipped with a butyl bladder, known for its excellent air retention properties. This ensures optimal inflation and consistent bounce throughout gameplay.

  • Country of Origin: The basketball is manufactured in Thailand, a renowned hub for producing high-quality sports equipment.

  • Size: The basketball is size 6, which is the standard size used in official basketball competitions.

  • Construction: It features a laminated construction, which enhances durability and stability, ensuring that the basketball can withstand the rigors of intense play.

  • Approval: The Molten BGG6X Basketball is FIBA approved, making it suitable for top-level competition play.

The Molten BGG6X Basketball is designed to meet the demands of competitive basketball. With its premium composite leather cover, butyl bladder, and laminated construction, this basketball offers durability, grip, and consistent performance. Whether you're playing in official games or practicing your skills, this basketball provides the quality and performance needed for top-level play.

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