Molten B7T5000 Basketball - Size 7

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The Molten B7T5000 Basketball is a high-quality basketball designed for professional use. It offers several features to enhance performance and durability. Here are the details:

Basketball Features:

  • Number of Panels: The basketball is constructed with 12 panels, providing a consistent and balanced feel during gameplay.

  • Surface Finish: The ball has a shiny pebbled surface finish, which enhances grip and control while dribbling and shooting.

  • Cover Material: It is made from PU leather, a synthetic material known for its durability and excellent performance characteristics. The PU leather cover ensures longevity and a consistent playing experience.

  • Bladder: The basketball is equipped with a butyl bladder, which offers superior air retention properties. This ensures optimal inflation and maintains the ball's shape and bounce over extended periods of use.

  • Country of Origin: The basketball is manufactured in Thailand, known for producing high-quality sports equipment.

  • Size: The basketball is size 7, which is the standard size used in professional and international competitions.

  • Construction: It features a laminated construction, which enhances the ball's durability and stability during play.

  • Color: The basketball comes in a brown and cream color combination, providing visual appeal on the court.

The Molten B7T5000 Basketball with a cushion carcass is designed to meet the needs of professional basketball players. With its high-quality materials, reliable construction, and excellent performance features, this basketball offers a superior playing experience.

Whether you're competing at a high level or simply enjoying the game with friends, this basketball is built to deliver durability, grip, and consistent performance.

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