Molten B7G5000-E2G FIBA Approved Basketball - Size 7

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The Molten B6G5000-E2G Basketball is the ball used in all FIBA tournaments. This top game ball is made of premium leather and is equipped with the latest techniques. Due to the new texture of the surface, this ball has a better grip, even when the ball has come into contact with sweat or other moisture. Moreover, this basketball has improved cushioning, making the ball feel softer and giving better control. In short, this ball is the ball for every match. 

  • Certified FIBA APPROVED standard
  • Eurobasket award design
  • Play well: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Product code: B7G3800-E2G
  • Color: Orange & Cream
  • Basketball Number of pieces: 12
  • Leather material: PU Leather
  • Ball gut: Butyl
  • Place of production: Thailand
  • Size: 7
  • Leather
  • Production technology: Laminated

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