Molten B6G5000-S0J FIBA Approved Basketball - Size 6

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The Molten B6G5000-S0J FIBA Approved Basketball is a high-quality basketball that meets the standards set by FIBA. Here are the specifications:

  • Size: The basketball is designed to meet the specifications of Size 6, which is the standard size for women's basketball.

  • Carcass: The basketball features a foam carcass, which provides a softer structure and improved functionality. This design enhances the ball's grip, control, and overall performance during gameplay.

  • Cover Material: The basketball uses a combination of paste and natural leather for its cover. The natural leather offers high water absorption performance, enhancing the ball's grip and feel. However, it's important to note that if the ball is left wet, the color of the natural leather may fade or transfer.

  • Color: The basketball is designed with an orange and ivory color scheme.

  • Functionality: The Molten B6G5000-S0J basketball is FIBA approved, indicating its suitability for professional and international basketball competitions.

  • Storage: After use, it is recommended to store the basketball in a well-ventilated place with low humidity to maintain its quality and performance. Storing the ball in an uneven place may cause minor dents, but these can be eliminated by using the ball.

The basketball is made in Thailand and has a patent registered design. With its foam carcass, paste and natural leather cover, and FIBA approval, this basketball offers excellent performance, grip, and durability for players at all levels of the game.

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