Manduka EKO Lite Yoga Mat - 4 mm

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The eKO Lite Mat from Manduka is designed to provide a naturally grippy surface and support for your yoga practice, while also prioritizing eco-friendliness. Here are the features and care instructions for the mat:


  • Dimensions: The eKO Lite Mat measures 71" x 24" (180 cm x 61 cm) and has a thickness of 4 mm. It weighs approximately 5.2 lbs (2.1 kg).
  • Developed by Yoga Teachers: The mat has been developed by yoga teachers over a period of 4 years, ensuring its quality and functionality.
  • Durable Natural Rubber: It is considered the most durable natural rubber yoga mat available on the market.
  • PVC and Plasticizer Free: The mat does not contain PVC or harmful plasticizers, promoting a safer practice environment.
  • Biodegradable and Non-Toxic: Made from non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber, the eKO Lite Mat is biodegradable and utilizes non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes.
  • Latex-Free: It is 99% latex-free, making it suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities.

Sustainability: The eKO Lite Mat is crafted from sustainably harvested tree rubber, setting it apart from other rubber mats. The mat's foaming agents are non-toxic, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are used to soften the rubber. This makes the mat both high-performing and environmentally friendly.

Use & Care: To clean the eKO Lite Mat, avoid soaking or submerging it. Instead, use Manduka's natural rubber yoga mat restore product and apply a generous amount over the entire surface. Pay special attention to areas of decolorization. Allow the cleaner to sit for 5 minutes, then use a clean cloth to gently wipe the mat dry before rolling or using it.

It is not recommended to clean the mat with a garden hose, bathtub, shower, washing machine, or vacuum cleaner, as these methods can damage the mat beyond repair. Additionally, the mat should not be exposed to excessive sunlight. Avoid using any type of soap for cleaning, as it can compromise the mat's performance and integrity. The salt method is not intended for eKO mats.

The eKO Lite Mat offers a naturally grippy and supportive surface for your yoga practice, while its eco-friendly design and sustainable materials align with your commitment to the environment.

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