LivePro Weightlifting Belt

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Size: Medium
Sale price25.000 KD


The Livepro Weightlifting Belt is a heavy-duty and durable belt designed specifically for weightlifting enthusiasts. Constructed from high-quality cowhide material, this belt offers excellent strength and longevity. It provides maximum support to the spine during weightlifting exercises, ensuring safety and stability.

Key Features:

  1. Dimensions: Medium - 105 x (6.5-11) cm - 500 g; Large - 130 x (6.5-13) cm - 650 g. 

  2. High-Quality Cowhide: The weightlifting belt is made from high-quality cowhide material, known for its durability and wear-resistance. It is breathable, sweat-absorbent, and moisture-resistant, making it suitable for intense workout sessions.

  3. Waist Cotton Design: The belt features a waist protector cotton design, measuring 30 x 7 x 2cm, which provides a comfortable and snug fit around the waist. It naturally conforms to the body's contours, offering optimal support during weightlifting movements.

  4. Inner Suede: The inner side of the waistband is lined with suede material, which enhances grip and prevents the belt from slipping during exercises. This feature ensures a secure and stable fit, allowing you to focus on your lifts.

  5. Double Claw Buckle: The weightlifting belt is equipped with a double claw buckle that offers double insurance, providing a secure and adjustable fit. This design enhances safety and prevents the belt from loosening during intense workouts.

  6. Reinforced Stitching: The belt features double rows of thick nylon stitching, which reinforces the belt's structure and increases its overall strength. This stitching ensures the durability and longevity of the belt, even under heavy loads.

  7. Suitable for Various Exercises: This weightlifting belt is suitable for a variety of weight training settings, including the gym, school, and home fitness environments. It is a reliable and essential accessory for weightlifters looking to enhance their performance and protect their lower back.

The Livepro Weightlifting Belt offers exceptional quality, comfort, and support during weightlifting exercises. With its heavy leather construction, reinforced stitching, and adjustable double claw buckle, this belt is a reliable choice for weightlifting enthusiasts seeking maximum stability and safety.

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