Joma Open Padel Racket

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The Joma Open Padel Racket is specifically designed for players who are starting out in Padel tennis and prioritize ball control.

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Core: EVA
  • Face: Fiberglass
  • Frame: 100% carbon fiber
  • Profile36 mm
  • Weight330-340
  • Balance265 mm

Here are the features of the racket:

  • Shape: The racket features a teardrop shape, which facilitates ball handling and provides a larger sweet spot. This shape enhances the player's ability to hit shots comfortably and accurately.
  • Core: The core of the racket is built with EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) SOFT technology. The density of the EVA material offers a balance between power and control in each stroke.
  • Face: The outer layer of the racket is made of fiberglass. The fiberglass construction provides a comfortable feel, reduces stiffness in the stroke, and offers good flexibility.
  • Frame: The frame of the racket is made of 100% carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known for its strength and stiffness, providing stability and durability to the racket.
  • Profile: The racket has a profile of 36 mm, indicating the thickness of the racket's frame. A thicker frame can offer additional power and stability.
  • Weight: The weight of the racket ranges from 330 to 340 grams. The weight of a racket can affect the player's maneuverability and swing speed, with a slightly heavier racket providing more power and stability.
  • Balance: The racket has a balance point located at 265 mm, which refers to the distribution of weight along the racket's length. A balance point closer to the handle (head-light) provides more control, while a balance point closer to the head (head-heavy) offers more power.

The Joma Open Padel Racket is designed to provide beginner players with good control of the ball, comfortable handling, and a balance between power and control. Its teardrop shape, fiberglass face, EVA core, and carbon fiber frame contribute to an enjoyable and reliable playing experience on the Padel court.

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