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The Handy Gym Portable Platform is the perfect accessory to enhance your training experience. This platform is designed to attach the Handy Gym and provides a stable and secure surface for performing exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Key Features:

Versatile Training System: The Handy Gym Portable Platform allows you to transform your Handy Gym into a comprehensive system for squats and deadlifts. By attaching the Handy Gym to the platform, you can safely perform these exercises with added stability and resistance.

Portable and Convenient: Designed with portability in mind, the platform is lightweight and features a convenient handle for easy transportation. Its compact size and measurements make it suitable for carrying in an airplane cabin, ensuring that you can take your training wherever you go.

Durable Construction: The platform is constructed using Finnish resistance plywood board, known for its strength and durability. The phenolic anti-slip surface provides added resistance and ensures a secure grip during your workouts. The included mounting plate allows for easy attachment of the Handy Gym to the platform.

Enhance Your Workout Experience: With the Handy Gym Portable Platform, you can elevate your training routine by incorporating squats and deadlifts into your workouts. This versatile accessory expands the range of exercises you can perform with the Handy Gym, providing a more comprehensive and effective training session.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Handy Gym Portable Platform. With its durable construction, portable design, and compatibility with the Handy Gym, you can take your training to new heights and achieve your fitness goals with ease.


  • Weight: 3Lbs. / 1.380Kg
  • Size: 12"(30.5cm) x 22"(56cm)
  • Material: Resistant plywood with phenolic anti-slip surface
  • Included: 1 Portable Platform + Mounting Plate (installed)

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