Handy Gym Inertial Discs (Pair)

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Color: Blue: 6 oz./180 gr.
Sale price24.000 KD


Enhance your Handy Gym experience with the Handy Gym Inertial Discs. These discs are a crucial component of the Handy Gym system, providing the resistance needed for effective workouts.

Key Features:

Essential Resistance: The Handy Gym Inertial Discs play a vital role in providing the resistance required during your training sessions. Without these discs, there would be no resistance, and the effectiveness of your workouts would be compromised.

Customizable Resistance Levels: The resistance levels in your training session can be adjusted by choosing the appropriate inertia level of the discs. The speed and intensity of your exercises also contribute to the overall resistance experienced. Find the right combination of discs and exercise intensity to suit your specific needs.

Lightweight Design: All Handy Gym Inertial Discs are designed to be extremely light. The focus of the exercise is not on lifting heavy weights but rather on utilizing the resistance provided by the discs to engage and challenge your muscles effectively.

Targeted Muscle Area: Select the force discs that are suitable for the specific muscle area you want to exercise. Consider your desired level of strength and choose accordingly. If you require additional strength, the double power pulley can be used to provide an extra challenge.

Discover the versatility and adaptability of the Handy Gym Inertial Discs. By choosing the appropriate discs and adjusting your exercise intensity, you can tailor your workouts to target specific muscle groups and achieve your desired level of strength and fitness. Unlock the full potential of your Handy Gym system with these essential components.

Blue Inertial Discs:

· Weight: 6 oz. / 180 gr.

· Size: 3.7″ (9.3cm) x 0.67” (1.7cm)

· Material: Steel wheel & plastic.

· Color: Blue.

· Included: 2 Inertial  Discs.

Red Inertial Discs:

Weight: 9 oz. / 250 gr.

· Size: 3.7″ (9.3cm) x 0.67” (1.7cm)

· Material: Steel wheel & plastic.

· Color: Red.

· Included: 2 Inertial  Discs.

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