Wooden Gymnastics Wall Bar


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The Wooden Gymnastics Wall Bar is a versatile piece of equipment designed for efficient strength and fitness training at home or in the gym. Here are the key features and benefits of this wall bar:

  1. Wide Range of Exercises: This fitness machine allows for a variety of exercises using your own body weight, including dips, pull-ups, crunches, jumps, hanging, swinging, and stretching exercises. It provides a comprehensive workout for your upper body, core, and flexibility. It is also suitable for isometric training, making it a multifunctional piece of equipment for athletes of all levels.

  2. Space-saving: The wall bar is designed to save space and can be easily mounted on any free wall. Once installed, it provides a sturdy and reliable platform for your workouts. Simply mount it on the wall and start exercising. This makes it convenient for home gyms or areas with limited space.

  3. Versatile Exercise Positions: The wall bar features 9 rods, allowing you to perform exercises from both lying/sitting and standing positions. For example, you can do pull-ups from the top bar and place your feet under the bottom bar for sit-ups. This versatility enables a wide range of exercises and variations to target different muscle groups and increase the challenge of your workouts.

  4. Durable Construction: The wall bar is made of high-quality wood, ensuring durability and stability during your training sessions. It is designed to support a maximum load capacity of 180 kg, providing a safe and secure platform for your workouts.

  5. Compact Dimensions: The wall bar has dimensions of height - 230 cm, width - 91 cm, depth - 56 cm, and a distance to the wall of 20 cm. These compact dimensions make it suitable for various spaces, whether it's a home gym, commercial gym, or training facility.

The Wooden Gymnastics Wall Bar offers a versatile and space-saving solution for strength and fitness training. Its sturdy construction, wide range of exercise options, and easy installation make it an ideal choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and beginners alike.

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