Force USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer with Upgrade Kit

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*Delivery fee for all Heavy equipment is KD 30 for areas that are ahead of city limits. (All areas ahead of Ahmadi and Jahra)


  • 10 years for frames
  • 2 years for cables and accessories

The Force USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer isthe ultimate home gym that combines a full commercial Power Rack with an impressive 260kg (573lbs) weight stack. With its comprehensive range of attachments and accessories, including a Lat Pulldown Attachment, Straight Bar Attachment, Landmine Attachment, Chin Up Station, and more, this multi-functional trainer offers over 400 unique exercises to target every muscle group and enhance your power and endurance.

Key Features:

  1. Extensive Attachment and Accessory Options: The X20 Pro comes packed with a wide range of attachments and accessories to meet all your training needs. From a Full Power Rack and Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar to J-Hooks, Front Safeties, Lat Pulldown Bar, Triceps Rope, and more, you have everything required for a versatile workout routine.

  2. Durable Construction: Force USA ensures durability and longevity with the X20 Pro. It features thick and tough 7-11 gauge steel throughout, durable all-black hardware, and PVC and rubber in heavy-use areas to increase durability. The long-lasting clear coating with anti-rust protection and eco-friendly premium commercial-grade powder coating further enhance its resilience.

  3. Quick and Simple Weight Changes: The X20 Pro is equipped with two 130kg laser-cut pin-loaded weight stacks that offer easily adjustable resistance. With a simple-to-use pin selector, you can transition from 5kg to 130kg (11lbs-286lbs) in seconds, catering to your strength, explosive, and crossfit training needs.

  4. Front-Facing Cable System: Stand out from the crowd with the X20 Pro's unique front-facing cable system. This feature allows you to perform a wide range of strength and resistance exercises, including Lat Pulldowns, Seated Cable Rows, Cable Crossovers, Standing Chest Flys, Bicep Curls, and more. The Force USA weight offset system ensures smooth and balanced movements for each repetition.

  5. Compact and Space-Saving Design: Despite its incredible functionality, the X20 Pro has a compact footprint, making it suitable for home gyms with limited space. With dimensions of 2.2 meters wide and 2.3 meters high, it can easily fit into a spare room with a standard ceiling height or your garage.

  6. Unleash the Full Potential of the X20 Pro!: Level up your Multi Trainers with our optional Upgrade Kit. Adds three strength training stations, three functional attachments, a TV mount, and four convenient storage shelves with rubber linings for one irresistible price.

    • Jammer Arms (Pair)
    • Lat Pulldown Seat with Knee Holder
    • Multi-grip Lat Pulldown Handle
    • Matador - Dip handles / Dip bar
    • Multi-grip Landmine Handle
    • Single Metal Handle (Pair)
    • 4 x Storage Shelves with Rubber Linings
    • TV Mounting Bracket

The Force USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer is built to withstand the demands of commercial use and offers a complete workout solution for fitness enthusiasts. With its impressive features, durability, and versatility, it provides the tools you need to achieve your strength and fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

What's Included

  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Straight Chin-Up Bar
  • Full Power Rack
  • Suspension Trainer
  • J-Hooks (Pair)
  • Front Safeties (Pair)
  • Core Trainer with Rotating Holder
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Small Straight Bar
  • Close Grip Handle
  • Plastic Handle (Pair)
  • Triceps Rope
  • Ankle Strap
  • Low Row Foot Plate
  • 4 x Band Pegs
  • 8 x Spring Collars (50mm)
  • 8 x Weight Plate Holders
  • 2 x Extension Chains
  • Barbell Storage


  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Dimensions: 130cm (D) x 220cm (W) x 230cm (H)
  • Materials: 7-11 gauge steel with oversize 1" diameter hardware
  • Weight Stacks: 2 x 130kg (2:1 ratio)
  • Weight Rating: 450kg
  • Product Weight: 610 kgs


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