Force USA MyRack - Core Trainer Attachment (T-Bar Row)


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This particular attachment is for the Force USA MyRack ONLY.


The Force USA MyRack Core Trainer Attachment, particularly designed for T-Bar Row exercises, is an excellent enhancement for your power rack, expanding its functionality significantly. This attachment is tailored for those focusing on functional strength training and rotational torso exercises. Here's an overview of its features and utility:

Key Features:

  1. Rotational Torso Training: This attachment is particularly suitable for a wide range of rotational torso exercises. It's ideal for those who aim to improve core strength, which is essential for overall fitness and performance in various sports and physical activities.

  2. Upper Body Training: Besides core-focused exercises, the Core Trainer Attachment allows for a variety of upper body workouts. This versatility makes it a valuable addition to any strength training regimen.

  3. Easy Setup: The attachment is designed for convenience. You simply insert the end of a barbell into the sleeve, which is attached to a pivot, and you're ready to start your workout. This ease of setup is a significant advantage for quick and efficient training sessions.

  4. Barbell Compatibility: It comes with size options for both 32mm and 50mm barbells, offering compatibility with a wide range of barbells. This feature enhances its versatility, catering to different equipment preferences.

  5. Functional Strength Favorite: Due to its effectiveness in targeting core and upper body muscles, this attachment is a favorite among those who train for functional strength.

Weight and Portability:

  • The Core Trainer Attachment weighs 12.0 kg, making it substantial enough for stability yet light enough to be added or removed from the rack as needed.

The Force USA MyRack Core Trainer Attachment (T-Bar Row) is an excellent investment for anyone looking to add variety and functional training capabilities to their power rack. Its focus on rotational torso and upper body exercises, ease of use, and compatibility with standard barbell sizes make it a versatile and valuable piece of equipment for any home gym or fitness center.

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