Force USA G15 All-In-One Trainer + Upgrade Kit

Force USASKU: F-G15

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*Delivery fee for all Heavy equipment is KD 30 for areas that are ahead of city limits. (All areas ahead of Ahmadi and Jahra)


  • 10 years for frames
  • 2 years for cables and accessories

The Force USA G15™ All-In-One Trainer with Upgrade Kit is a comprehensive and versatile fitness equipment that offers a wide range of training options. Here are the key features of this all-in-one trainer:

  1. 8-in-1 Functional Trainer: The G15™ combines eight different strength and fitness stations in a single power rack footprint. It includes a Power Rack, Functional Trainer, Smith Machine, Dip Station, Chin Up Station, Suspension Trainer Station, and Low Row. This compact design saves space and provides all the necessary equipment for a complete home gym.

  2. Flexibility for All Training Types: The G15™ is designed to support various types of training, including strength training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, HIIT, and plyometric training. It offers flexibility without compromising on performance, allowing you to isolate different muscle groups and switch between upper and lower body exercises seamlessly. With over 50 exercises available, it caters to a wide range of training needs.

  3. Interchangeable Cable System: This trainer features a unique interchangeable cable system that allows you to select your desired cable ratio easily. You can switch between a 2:1 ratio (65kg of resistance) and a 4:1 ratio (32.5kg of resistance) on the fly. This feature enables quick resistance adjustments, making it convenient for workouts with friends and family.

  4. Durable Commercial-Grade Construction: The G15™ is built to withstand heavy use, utilizing heavy-gauge structured steel tubing throughout. It incorporates durable PVC and rubber in high-use areas to increase longevity. The trainer is coated with a clear coating for anti-rust protection and an eco-friendly premium commercial-grade powder coating. With a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on parts and attachments, it ensures the equipment's durability.

  5. Innovative Smith Machine: The G15™ features a weightless (counterbalanced) Smith Bar with smooth movement, thanks to extensive research and development. The weightless design allows beginners to learn exercise movements before adding weight. The Smith Bar also offers state-of-the-art knurling for a superior grip during heavy squat and deadlift sessions.

  6. High-Weight Capacity Chin-Up Bar: Equipped with a multi-grip Chin-Up and Pull-Up station, the G15™ has a massive 450kg weight rating. The station provides a comfortable grip and supports various grip positions, allowing you to build strength and muscle mass. There is also an anchor point for attaching resistance bands to intensify your workouts.

  7. Ample Storage Space: The G15™ includes storage options for 2 Olympic-style barbells, 2 standard-size barbells, and 8 Olympic weight plate holders. This storage feature helps keep your workout area organized and safe.

  8. G15™ Upgrade Kit Included: The G15™ comes with the Upgrade Kit, which includes additional attachments such as the T Bar Row Handle, Leg Press Plate, Core Trainer, Jammer Arms, Ankle Cuffs, Single Stirrup Handles, and 4 levels of storage shelving. These attachments are made with high-quality commercial-grade materials, enhancing the versatility and performance of your training sessions.

  9. 5-Star Safety Features: The G15™ prioritizes safety with smart safe lock and release mechanics and high-quality safety catches. These features ensure you can train with confidence and security, even during challenging exercises like squats and bench presses, without the need for a spotter.

The Force USA G15™ All-In-One Trainer with Upgrade Kit provides a complete and safe workout experience, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a versatile and comprehensive training solution.


  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Long Bar
  • Short Bar
  • Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Tricep Pressdown Bar
  • Close Grip Handle
  • Tricep Rope
  • Single PVC Stirrup Handles X 2
  • Adjustable PVC Stroup Handles X 2
  • Cable extension chains X 4
  • Olympic Bar Collars X 3 (Pairs)
  • Cable Carabina X 6
  • Band Pegs X 4
  • J-Hooks X 1 (Pair)
  • T Bar Row Handle
  • Leg Press Plate
  • Core Trainer
  • 2 x Jammer Arms
  • 1 x Ankle Cuff
  • 2 x Single Stirrup Handles
  • 4 x Storage Shelves
  • TV Mount


  • Weight Ratings:
    • J Hook: 400kg (static test)
    • Safety Bars: 450kg
    • Chin Up Bar: 450kg
    • Cable Rating: 907kg
    • TRX Anchor Rating: 120kg
    • Plate Holders: 150kg
  • Assembled Dimensions:
    • 204 cm (W) x 139 cm (D) x 222 cm (H)
      • Internal Width: 113cm
      • Height of Pull Up Bar: 208cm
  • Product Weight: 550kgs

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