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Sale price215.000 KD



*Delivery fee for all Heavy equipment is KD 30 for areas that are ahead of city limits. (All areas ahead of Ahmadi and Jahra)

The Force USA Commercial FID Bench Lasercut is a premium gym bench designed to meet the high standards of upscale commercial gym centers. It is built to handle heavy loads and heavy use, making it a durable and reliable option for both commercial and home gyms.

Key Features:

  1. Built for High Volume Usage: The COMFID bench is designed to endure frequent and intense usage. It is built to withstand the demands of commercial gym environments where multiple users rely on the equipment throughout the day.

  2. Low Maintenance: The bench is constructed with high-quality materials and components that require minimal maintenance. This ensures that you can focus on your workouts without worrying about constant upkeep or repairs.

  3. Easy to Use and Adjust: The bench is designed for ease of use and adjustment. You can effortlessly switch between different positions, including flat, incline, decline, military press (utility), and abdominal bench. This versatility allows you to target various muscle groups and perform a wide range of exercises.

  4. No Guidance Needed: The bench is user-friendly and intuitive, requiring no guidance for operation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, you can easily adjust the bench to your desired position and start your workout without any complicated instructions.

  5. 5 Benches-in-One: The COMFID bench combines the benefits of five different benches into one unit. This space-saving design eliminates the need for multiple benches, providing you with a comprehensive workout experience in a compact footprint.


  • Dimensions: The bench measures 1277mm (L) x 692mm (W) x 433mm (H), offering a suitable size for various exercises.
  • Commercial Grade: The bench is constructed with heavy-duty materials, meeting the requirements for commercial-grade usage. It is built to withstand the demands of high-volume gym environments and complies with insurance requirements for commercial settings.
  • 600kg Weight Rating: The bench has a massive weight rating of 600kg, making it one of the strongest FID bench units available. This robust construction ensures stability and safety during your workouts.
  • Laser-cut Components: The components of the bench are precision laser-cut, resulting in maximum structural integrity and easy assembly. The precise cuts guarantee a secure and reliable bench for your workouts.
  • LeverLift Assist: The bench features a LeverLift Assist mechanism, allowing you to easily move the bench to a new position in the gym. The handle and transport wheels make it effortless to relocate the bench as needed.

The Force USA Commercial FID Bench Lasercut is a top-quality bench that offers durability, versatility, and convenience. It is an ideal choice for commercial gyms or anyone looking for a high-quality bench that can handle heavy loads and provide a variety of workout options.

About Force USA

The Force USA brand was founded in the early 2000s with the simple purpose of creating innovative strength training equipment at competitive prices. is owned and operated by Net Media Group, LLC—the official North American distributor for Force USA strength equipment. Force USA now operates in over 25 countries across the globe.

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