Force USA 4 ft Olympic EZ Curl Barbell


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The Force USA 4 ft Olympic EZ Curl Barbell is a sturdy and versatile piece of fitness equipment designed for a variety of strength training exercises. Here are some details about this barbell:

  • Construction: It's constructed from one piece, which enhances both the quality and safety of the bar. This one-piece forged construction ensures durability during your workouts.

  • Design: The bar is ergonomically designed to handle intense gym sessions, making it suitable for heavy use. The design focuses on providing a secure grip and a comfortable feel during your exercises.

  • Strength and Durability: This bar is built to withstand the rigors of regular gym use. It's designed to be structurally sound, ensuring it can handle demanding workouts and allow you to expand your range of exercises. It's given a "Class A" rating, indicating its durability and longevity.

  • Versatility: The Force USA Olympic EZ Curl Bar is suitable for a wide range of strength training exercises. It can target various muscle groups, making it a versatile addition to your workout routine. It's designed to help maximize the effectiveness of your core and strength workouts.

  • Specifications:

    • Bar Length: 120cm
    • Bar Weight: 8.7kg
    • Grip Diameter: 50mm
    • Shaft Coat: Chrome
    • Shaft Length: 82cm
    • Loadable Sleeve Length: 19cm
    • Max Weight: 225kg
    • Shaft Diameter: 27.7mm
    • Shaft Material: Q235 Steel
    • Sleeve Material: Cast Iron
  • Great for Exercising: The Force USA Olympic EZ Curl Barbell is particularly useful for exercises targeting muscles like the biceps brachii, brachialis, and pronator teres. Additionally, it's good for working on triceps, forearms, shoulders, and the chest.

This barbell is designed for intense workouts and is suitable for both home and gym use. It's a versatile tool that can help you build strength and add variety to your exercise routine. Please ensure you follow proper safety guidelines and use appropriate weights when exercising with this barbell.

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