Fila Skates Inline Skates X-One Junior - Black/Red

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Size: S 32
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The X-One, a reliable and user-friendly inline skate designed specifically for young skaters. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters.


Let's explore its features in more detail:

Chassis: The X-One features a Megalite Composite chassis with four wheels. This composite construction provides durability and stability, ensuring a secure skating experience for young skaters.

Cuff: With a high cuff design, the X-One offers excellent ankle support, enhancing stability during skating sessions.

Closure System: The skate utilizes a combination of buckle, laces, and a Velcro strap for a secure and adjustable fit. The buckle and Velcro strap ensure precise closure, while the laces offer additional customization.

Shoe Features: The X-One incorporates preformed padding and breathable velvet material in its shoe design. The localized pre-shaped padding follows the natural ergonomics of a child's foot, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The breathable fabric liner promotes maximum ventilation, allowing for breathability in various weather conditions.

Wheels: Equipped with Fila 72mm/82A, 74mm/82A, or 76mm/82A wheels (depending on the size), the X-One offers easy maneuverability. These wheels are suitable for young skaters, especially during their initial skating experiences.

Bearings: The skate features ABEC 5 bearings, ensuring smooth rolling and efficient performance while skating.

Hardware: To enhance durability and stability, the X-One is equipped with metal axles and metal spacers as part of its hardware.

Size Range: The X-One is available in different size ranges (S, M, L, and XL), accommodating a range of foot sizes. This allows the skate to grow with the child's foot, ensuring a proper fit for a longer duration.

Micro Jem™ Technology: The X-One incorporates Fila Skates' Micro Jem™ technology, enabling precise millimetric size adjustments. This feature allows for slight adjustments to the skate's size even while it is being worn, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit as the child's foot grows.

The X-One is a favorite among young skaters, providing a secure, stable, and comfortable skating experience. With its breathable design, adjustable fit, and durable components, the X-One is the perfect choice for children as they begin their inline skating journey.

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