Eleiko Öppen Collars — Pair

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Eleiko Öppen Collars: Innovative and Convenient Barbell Weight Fasteners

Eleiko Öppen Collars are a groundbreaking solution for quickly and securely fastening barbell weights during training sessions. With their innovative patent-pending design, these collars improve lifting

performance while also promoting safety. They simplify the process of changing weights, making it faster and more accessible for athletes. Each collar adds 0.50 kg to the lift when in use. Warranty: 1 year

Key Features:

  • Innovative Design: Öppen Collars feature a patent-pending open design that not only securely fastens weights but also encourages faster weight changes.

  • Effortless Operation: The tension lever requires minimal force, making it designed for single-handed operation. This feature enhances convenience during workouts.

  • Magnetic Hold: Integrated magnets offer multiple benefits. They make storage easy by keeping collars together, and they ensure a tighter fit and hold between collars, plate hubs, and change plates, reducing unwanted plate movement during lifts.

  • Sustainable Design: Öppen Collars are designed with sustainability in mind, using recyclable materials and ensuring durability for long-lasting use.


  • Article Code: 3085487
  • Length: 101 mm / 3.98 in.
  • Width: 105 mm / 4.13 in.
  • Height: 37 mm / 1.46 in.
  • Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year

Eleiko Öppen Collars have earned recognition for their smart design, winning both the RedDot and iF DESIGN AWARD in 2021. They are engineered to provide a better lifting experience, combining innovation, convenience, and sustainability in one essential training accessory.

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