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Color: Black
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Eleiko Adjustable Bench - Versatile and Durable

Made in Sweden. The Eleiko Adjustable Bench provides a robust foundation for a wide array of free weight exercises, making it an essential piece of equipment for your fitness routine. With its adjustability, user-friendly features, and multiple cushion options, this bench offers an exceptional workout experience.

Key Features:

Versatile Design: This bench is designed for seated and horizontal free weight and barbell exercises, making it suitable for a wide range of workouts.

Easy Portability: Fitted with chromed handles and wheels, this bench is highly portable. You can easily move it to different locations in your gym or home workout space.

Adjustable Pads: The bench offers versatility with three seat positions and seven back pad positions. You can seamlessly adjust it to meet your specific exercise needs.

Simple Operation: Adjusting the bench is a breeze. Just pull the knobs and lift the seat until it locks into your desired position.

Cushion Options: You have the choice to select our Skai cushions, which offer a more traditional look and feel. These cushions are supple and wear well, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • Article Code: 3062963-060
  • Length: 1230 mm (48.43 in)
  • Width: 606 mm (23.86 in)
  • Height: 440 mm (17.32 in)
  • Weight: 40.5 kg (89.29 lbs)
  • Warranty: 6 months to 10 years - 10 years on structural frame, 1 year on wear and tear parts and 6 months on SKAI upholstery

The Eleiko Adjustable Bench is a versatile and dependable addition to your fitness equipment. Whether you're performing seated workouts or horizontal exercises, this bench provides the adjustability and support you need. Its user-friendly design and portability make it a practical choice for both gym and home use. With various cushion options, you can customize it to match your preferences for comfort and style.

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