Donic Alltec Hobby Outdoor Table Tennis Set

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The Donic Alltec Hobby Outdoor Table Tennis Set is the perfect choice for outdoor table tennis enthusiasts. It includes two extremely sturdy synthetic bats in green and blue colors. These bats are made of 2-component plastic with a hard gray core and a soft non-slip colored surface. They feature ergonomically shaped and non-slip handles for a comfortable and secure grip.

One of the key advantages of these synthetic bats is their waterproof and weatherproof nature. They can be used in the rain and are washable, making them ideal for schools or leisure centers where hygiene is a priority.

The set also includes three high-quality table tennis balls by Schildkröt in white color, each measuring 40 mm without a seam. These balls provide consistent performance and durability during gameplay.

All the components of the set are conveniently packed in a valuable bag with a zipper and carrying handle. This ensures that nothing gets lost and the bats are protected when not in use or during transportation.


  • Player Type: "ATTACK"
  • Speed: 60, Spin: 60, Control: 90
  • Item Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 35 centimeters
  • Sport: Table Tennis
  • Item Weight: 300 Grams

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