Deluxe Revolving Lat Bar

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Size: 90 cm
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The Deluxe Revolving Lat Bar is a versatile attachment designed to be used with various home gym equipment, such as a smith machine or cable weight system. It is specifically designed to target and build upper body mass during strength training routines.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction: The Lat bar is crafted from steel, providing a sturdy and long-lasting product. The chrome finish not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also prevents oxidation, ensuring its durability over time.

  2. Revolving Hanger: The bar features a revolving hanger that allows for a full range of motion during exercises. This enables you to perform lat pulldowns and other upper body exercises smoothly and effectively.

  3. Rubber Handgrips: The attachment is equipped with rubber handgrips, which offer a firm and comfortable gripping area. This ensures that your hands won't slip during workouts, providing you with stability and control.


  • Dimensions: The Deluxe Revolving Lat Bar has a length of 90 or 100 cm cm, offering ample space for various grip positions and exercise variations.

  • Weight: The bar weighs 3.9 kg, providing a balanced and manageable weight for effective workouts.

The Deluxe Revolving Lat Bar is a valuable addition to your strength training routine, allowing you to target and develop your upper body muscles effectively. Its durable steel construction, chrome finish, and rubber handgrips ensure a comfortable and secure workout experience. Incorporate this Lat bar into your home gym setup for enhanced upper body mass and strength gains.

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