OK Pro Chrome Dumbbells - 1 kg Pair

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Dumbbells with an electroplated finish effortlessly blend durability and sophistication, showcasing a stylish metal coating that elevates both functionality and visual allure.

  • Durable Professional-Grade Design: The Hard Chromed Dumbbell is built for long-lasting durability, catering to fitness enthusiasts committed to achieving their goals.

  • Sleek Chrome Finish for Elegance: The dumbbell features a sleek chrome finish, adding an elegant touch to your workout space while offering numerous benefits.

  • Muscle Sculpting and Definition: Regularly incorporating dumbbell exercises into your routine can help sculpt and define muscle lines, leading to a more toned physique.

  • Improved Muscle Endurance: Dumbbell exercises are known for increasing muscle endurance, enabling users to push through challenging workouts and reach new fitness heights.

  • Ideal for Strength and Bulk: The Hard Chromed Dumbbell is the ideal choice for those seeking to build strength and bulk up. Consistent engagement in heavy-weight dumbbell exercises effectively strengthens and fortifies muscle fibers, enhancing overall muscular strength.


  • Durable 
  • Comes in different weights
  • 2 x 1 Kg Dumbbells


  • Personal training
  • Circuit workouts
  • Rehabilitation
  • Functional training

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