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The Aqua Training Bag 18 inches (120 lb) has a great size, unique shape, and will give you extraordinary workouts! The 18” 120 lb. Aqua Punching Bag® is excellent for professional boxers, MMA fighters, and overall fitness enthusiasts; and after striking the first punch, you’ll see why making the switch to the water-filled bag is the best decision you’ve ever made. Made in the USA.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Ideal for Every Type of Boxer: The bag is designed to cater to users of all experience levels, from complete beginners to seasoned boxing champions. Its design and functionality make it a valuable tool for developing and honing boxing skills.

  2. Exclusive Bag Colors: Each Aqua Training Bag features a unique, hand-swirled color pattern, making every bag one-of-a-kind. This adds an aesthetic appeal to the practicality of the bag.

  3. Revolutionary Design: The teardrop shape and water-filled interior of the bag are engineered to absorb impacts effectively. This design minimizes the risk of injury and provides a more intense workout compared to traditional sand-filled bags.

  4. Durability: Made in the USA, the bag is constructed with thick-walled vinyl and injection-molded ends. It's built to withstand vigorous strikes and is both UV resistant and waterproof, ensuring longevity and suitability for outdoor use.

  5. Ultra Versatility: The Aqua Training Bag can be easily set up with a ceiling mount or an Aqua Punching Bag Stand. It's suitable for various training purposes, including boxing, mixed martial arts, and general fitness.

Aqua Training Bag Details:

  • Included Accessories: Compressed Aqua Punching Bag, Shackle for Hanging, Hose-Filling Nozzle, Extra Stopper.
  • Chain not included
  • Requirements: Water source, Mounting System or Stand, Boxing Gloves/Hand Wraps.
  • Filled Weight: 120 lbs. / 54.4 kgs
  • Size When Filled: 18 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs. / 5.4 kgs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 30” x 15” x 11”.

The Power of H2O: Utilizing water instead of traditional filling materials, the Aqua Training Bag offers a unique experience. It's more forgiving than conventional heavy bags, reducing the risk of injury while allowing for full-force strikes. The water filling also allows for adjustable pressure, enabling a customized workout intensity.

Specially Designed for Exclusive Benefits: The bag’s design and water filling provide a unique training experience. It absorbs kinetic energy efficiently, allowing for powerful strikes without the fear of hitting a hard spot. This feature makes it an ideal choice for intensive workouts.

Intense Workouts Anytime, Any Place: The Aqua Training Bag's portability and ease of filling and draining make it a convenient option for workouts in various settings, including indoor and outdoor environments.

In summary, the Aqua Training Bag 18 inches (120 lb) is a versatile, durable, and innovative training tool, perfect for individuals looking to enhance their boxing or martial arts skills, engage in intense fitness routines, and enjoy a unique and safe workout experience.

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