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No access to the gym? That’s alright because SKLZ has got you covered

SKLZ provides you the perfect range of fitness accessories to train at home or the gym. This brand is California based and is of excellent quality which makes it extremely durable! 


SKLZ Jump/Speed Rope

SKLZ Training Equipment - Pro Sports Kuwait

Use the SKLZ Jump Rope / SKLZ Speed Rope to skip for about 30-60 seconds at your pace to get those muscles warmed up.

SKLZ  Pro Mat

SKLZ Training Equipment Online - Pro Sports Kuwait

Easy cleaning, convenient storage, foam for comfort and durability. SKLZ Pro Mat has it all, which makes it perfect for a warm-up and workout. 


Core wheels

Sports & Fitness Equipment Online - Pro Sports Kuwait

Engage your core even more while doing planks and pushups using SKLZ Core Wheels. As the wheels destabilize your movements, It’ll make your shoulder and hips work even harder, improving your fitness results. It has foam handles for a comfortable workout and the non-slip feature gives it control while exercising.

There are so many different ways to use it, whether you workout at the beginner level or an advanced level.

Few simple ways to use them are:

Sit on your knees, place one of your hands on the ground and, the other one on the wheel. Roll the wheel outwards while engaging your core. Lift each leg alternately and roll out for it to be more challenging. You can even use these for a plank or push-ups to emphasize the effect. 10-15 reps is a great start.

Make sure to sequence your upper body and lower body together without allowing your arms to go first or hips to go first so there is appropriate body coordination.

Tip - Use the SKLZ Pro Mat for a comfortable workout

SKLZ Pro Bands   

Buy Resistance Bands Online - Pro Sports Kuwait

SKLZ Pro Resistance Bands are perfect for increasing strength, flexibility and stamina. Available in THREE resistance levels so you can train according to your capability. The best part is, they are portable so that you can carry them anywhere you want.

Try this front squat using the bands-

Stand on the band with feet slightly wider than the shoulders width and rest the top of the band on your shoulders. Sit down straight, chest up, core engaged, knees over your toes. Push back up to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times

Choose the resistance level preferred by you-:

SKLZ Stability Ball 

Shop Online Stability Ball - Pro Sports Kuwait

The SKLZ Stability Ball is great for improving balance, flexibility, and posture. It also supports your lower back and spine while you workout. Doing the stability ball knee raise is one of the best exercises to engage your core completely.

Lay back on the ball with your core braced and lift your right foot bringing it towards your chest. Gradually while balancing, put your right foot down and lift your left foot bringing the knee towards the chest. This is 1 rep, do at least 10 reps and you are good to go.

SKLZ Resistance Cables

Shop Online Sports & Fitness Equipment  - Pro Sports Kuwait

 Train your body completely at home or away with this SKLZ Resistance Cable Set. Comes with an anchor which easily attaches to nearly any door jam

Overhead triceps extension is great to include in your workout routine

Stick it in your door at a high anchor point. Hold the handles and make sure to engage the core. Keep the arms at 90 degrees and extend them. Do about 10-15 repetitions in 3 sets. Keep challenging your body to not be pulled against the wall throughout.


Yes, it could be challenging to get results while working out at home without any equipment, but with SKLZ fitness accessories you have everything you need to get expected fitness results whenever and wherever you want. Buy yours now!

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