1441 Fitness 2 Tier Kettlebell Rack

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7-8The two-tier kettlebell rack is an essential accessory for your home gym, allowing you to store your kettlebells in a safe and organized manner. Made of sturdy steel, this rack is built to last and can withstand the weight of multiple kettlebells. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, this kettlebell rack is a must-have for keeping your gym space neat and tidy.


  • With only screws to tighten, the rack can be put together in just 15 minutes.

  • It can hold 7-8 kettlebells on each level, depending on their size, making it perfect for decluttering your home gym.

  • Every layer of the rack is outfitted with secured rubber linings that prevent your kettlebells from getting scuffed or scraped.


  • Dimensions: 120 x 35 x 65 Cm (L x W x H)  

  • Weight: 24 kg

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