SG OptiPro Cricket Batting Pads - All Sizes

SGرمز التخزين التعريفي:SG-OPTI-B

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Size: Boys
سعر البيع10.000 KD


Introduce your active, sporty champs to the interesting sport of cricket and ensure that they are safe and completely protected while playing the game by getting them a good pair of gloves, helmet and these Optipro Boys Batting Pads from SG.

Polyvinyl Chloride Face

The face of these ambidextrous pads is made from PVC material that makes them extra tough and resistant to damage. Moreover, these lightweight pads are easy to clean and maintain.

Cashmilon Filling

The cashmilon filling provides ultimate comfort and a cushiony feel. It allows easy movement and protects your legs from impact against hard cricket balls.

SIZES: Men, Youth and Boys

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