Molten V5M9000-T Volley Ball - Size 5

Moltenرمز التخزين التعريفي:M-V5M9000T

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سعر البيع35.000 KD


The Molten V5M9000-T Volleyball is a classic model designed specifically for attack training. It features the following specifications:

  • Size: 5 (official size for indoor volleyball)

  • Soft synthetic leather: The volleyball is made of soft synthetic leather material, which provides a comfortable touch and feel during training sessions.

  • Rubber hoses: The V5M9000-T is equipped with rubber hoses that are 200cm in length. These hoses are used for attachment purposes and allow for repetitive training of attacking skills.

  • Designed for individual attack training: This volleyball is specifically designed to facilitate individual attack training, allowing players to practice their attacking techniques under consistent and controlled conditions.

  • Helps in training: The V5M9000-T serves as a great training tool, providing opportunities for players to practice attacking skills and perform a high number of repetitions.

The Molten V5M9000-T Volleyball is a valuable tool for players looking to improve their attacking skills through targeted training sessions. Its design and features make it suitable for individual practice and provide a consistent training experience.

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