Molten V5M9000-M Volleyball - Size 5

Moltenرمز التخزين التعريفي:M-V5M9000M

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The Molten V5M9000-M Volleyball is a high-quality volleyball specifically designed for setter training and improving overall performance on the court. Here are the features of this volleyball:

  • Weight: The V5M9000-M is a heavyweight volleyball, weighing 400 grams. The added weight is intended to enhance strength and quickness in setters, helping them develop the necessary skills for precise and effective setting.

  • Cover Material: The volleyball features a micro-fiber composite cover, which offers a combination of durability, grip, and a soft touch. The cover material ensures optimal performance and a consistent feel during gameplay.

  • Construction: The volleyball is nylon wound, providing excellent shape retention and durability. The nylon winding helps maintain the ball's shape, ensuring consistent flight and bounce.

  • Size: The V5M9000-M is available in Size 5, which is the standard size for official volleyball matches and training sessions.

The Molten V5M9000-M Setter Training Volleyball is specifically designed to meet the needs of setters and volleyball players looking to improve their setting skills. With its heavyweight design, micro-fiber composite cover, and nylon winding, it offers durability, control, and consistent performance.

This volleyball is an excellent choice for training sessions and competitions, enabling setters to enhance their skills and reach their peak performance on the court.

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