Molten V5M2700 Volleyball - Size 5

Moltenرمز التخزين التعريفي:V5M2700

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The Molten V5M2700 Volleyball is a high-quality volleyball designed for professional and recreational use. Here are its specifications:

  • Volleyball Size: 5 (official size for indoor volleyball)

  • Number of Panels: 18

  • Cover Material: Synthetic Leather

  • Bladder: Butyl (provides excellent air retention)

  • Country of Origin: Thailand

  • Construction: Laminated (provides durability and shape retention)

The V5M2700 features a synthetic leather cover, which offers a soft touch and enhanced durability. The 18-panel construction ensures optimal shape and flight characteristics, allowing for precise passes and powerful spikes. The butyl bladder helps maintain consistent air pressure, ensuring reliable performance during play.

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