Grizzly 6 inch Enforcer Padded Genuine Leather Pro Weight Belt

Grizzly Fitnessرمز التخزين التعريفي:GRZ-8466-04-S

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Grizzly 6 inch Enforcer Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt for Men and Women - This is a 6" wide padded weight lifting belt used to support the back and abs during weight lifting sets. The 6" width fully supports the lower back and contours in the front to increase mobility while lifting. Its two prong design with heavy gauge buckle offers extra holding power when lifting heavy weights.


  • Designed for the serious lifter
  • Contoured and padded construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort during serious training
  • All leather construction with suede lining
  • Double prong heavy gauge steel buckle


  • Small - 23" - 32"
  • Medium - 28" - 37"
  • Large - 33" - 42"
  • X-Large - 38" - 47"

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