Bosu® Pro Elite Balance Trainer

BOSUرمز التخزين التعريفي:BOSU-BEL

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BOSU Elite Balance Trainer – The BOSU® ELITE Balance Trainer by WeckMethod is a versatile compression strength training tool utilizing an inflated, burst-resistant half dome attached to a base platform for exercises and activities involving standing, sitting, and supported body weight conditioning. The BOSU Elite Balance Trainer uses resistance rather than instability for strength and conditioning during performance training. The high density dome creates a powerful pressurized resistance and primes the body for athletic movement, intensifying strength training, core training, and agility training. The firmer dome design of the BOSU Elite Balance Trainer also increases stability, making it ideally suited for beginners, rehabilitation patients, and the active aging population.

Benefits of BOSU Elite:

  • Creates a stronger athletic position
  • Intensifies strength and compression training
  • Develops explosive power during ballistic and agility exercises
  • Opens hip and pelvis for deeper squats
  • Strengthens and primes the body for heavier lifts
  • Engages posterior, hamstrings, and thighs
  • Strengthens Psoas and lower back muscles
  • Intensifies core exercises
  • "Spring loads" feet with dynamic dorsiflexion
  • Enhances foot strength and force production on the ground
  • Unifies movements and body mechanics
  • Helps reduce injuries
  • Improves reflexive training
  • Improves flexibility
  • Easier assimilation for first time users, active aging, and rehabilitation

Training Disciplines using BOSU Elite:

Ballistic Training
The pressurized force of the BOSU Elite's dome creates instant feedback and generates more explosive force reaction throughout the body, enhancing speed, agility, and explosive power during ballistic movements.

Compression Strength Training™
Compression exercises use the BOSU Elite’s high density dome material to increase resistance and generate more force. When you compress the BOSU Elite's dome, it generates more feedback and creates greater resistance. The more you push into the dome, the more it pushes back into your body.

Core Training
The BOSU Elite intensifies core exercises by using resistance to stabilize and engage your body. Additionally, the BOSU Elite's visual markings help position the body for maximum return.

Reflexive Training
The BOSU Elite improves the reflexive movements of your body and strengthens your stabilizer muscles to improve balance, strength, and center of gravity so you can move better on the ground.

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