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سعر البيع30.000 KD


For beginners looking for a lightweight, maneuverable frame to take their game to the next level


- Aero+Box Frame
- Control Support Cap
- Isometric
- Nanomesh Neo
- New Grommet Pattern
- Rotational Generator System
-Made in China


- Flex: Medium
- Frame: HM Graphite/ Tungsten
- Shaft: Graphite/ NANOMESH NEO
- Weight Grip Size: F (Ave.73g) G4,5
- Stringing Advice: F 20-28 lbs


- Combines solid hitting feel and quick swing.

- Enlarged Sweet Spot: ISOMETRIC™ technology continues to help the world’s greatest players achieve global success. Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC™ design increases the sweet spot by 7%*. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings. ISOMETRIC™ delivers greater control without sacrificing power. ISOMETRIC™ is a Trademark of Yonex CO., LTD. *Tested by Yonex

New Grommet Pattern:
- High-Performance: The single-pass grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes for a more high-performance stringing pattern.

Rotational Generator System:
- By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly, with rapid succession.

Control Support CAP:
- Sharp Maneuverability: The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through and the sharpest maneuverability.

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