Apus Sports Heavy Duty Olympic Bar - 7 ft

Apusرمز التخزين التعريفي:AP-7ft

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سعر البيع110.000 KD


You can use 7 ft Olympic Barbell rod for a variety of sports such as bench presses, back squats, overhead presses, bicep curls and lunges. It can exercise your muscles, increase endurance, help lose weight and shape your body.

The Olympic Bar is one of the most important accessories in the free weight zone. This type of equipment is designed for more demanding strength training, and its sturdiness and aesthetics will satisfy even the most demanding users.

The professional Olympic Bar from Apus Sports is made of tempered and chromed steel. The grip covered with a knurling surface guarantees a solid grip during exercise. The product is very strong and made of the highest quality materials.

This piece of equipment should be in every professional gym and fitness club.

Apus Sports Olympic Bar is approved for 450 kg.


L: 7 Feet/ 20 kg

Great For:

  • Performing the Olympic Lifts – Snatch, Clean and Jerk - the Modified Lifts – Power Clean and Power Snatch – and the Olympic Pulls
  • Practicing for weightlifting competitions - optimal diameter and weight to meet competition standards
  • All standard resistance exercises, like the Squat, Deadlift, Row and Overhead Press

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