ZIVA Performance Power Core Bag 12.5 kg

ZivaSKU: ZVO-SPPB-6388

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Sale price44.000 KD


  • CORE STRENGTH: Super versatile, the ZIVA Performance Power Core Bag provides a highly functional workout, challenging your core stability and strength with different holding and carrying options
  • INTENSE WORKOUT: The nature of the Core Bag allows you to throw, push, pull and lift it, giving you a more functional workout than you can achieve with other weights such as barbells or dumbbells
  • WEIGHTED: Tailor the weight in the bag to suit you, adding weight incrementally as you improve your performance. The sand filler in the special liner bag allows for even weight distribution
  • PORTABLE: The Core Bag is perfect for on-the-go workouts, whether indoor or outdoor. Airhole end caps allow for air release when compressed
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from industrial-grade, thick PVC skin, and furnished with heavy-duty nylon straps, the Core Bag is durable and hardwearing. It even has an easy-to-clean surface

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